Next Ford Shelby GT500 with Twin Turbo V6?

Ford is worldwide company that leaves nothing to chance. Its muscle lineup is one of the prides and probably the segment that launched company to where it is now. Because of their excellent design, but more credits goes to power output and big engines, some models became legends in car industry.

Ford Shelby GT500

However, radical move is more likely, that traditionalists will try to question and dispute. Everyone expects V8 under the hood of the Ford Shelby GT500 model, but looks like that engineers in Ford will give a shot to smaller, 3.6-l EcoBoost drivetrain. However, V8 is not dropped yet, but rival has arrived, or it is considered.

Ford Shelby GT500 with Twin Turbo V6 – arguments

Other arguments that gives chances to V6 is that Ford has already installed this unit into GT and F-150 Raptor for 2017 lineup. According to some information, new engine will produce up to 700 ponies and there are going to be many changes, including pistons, heads and block, while intake complete massive changes.

Ford Shelby GT500 engine

Also, Ford presents all new dual fuel-injection system, with combination of direct and port injections. No more info was available from company. However, with smaller engine, handling will be improved drastically. For new powertrain, we are sure that company prepares new suspension and brakes, so it is clear that this was easy to conclude.

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