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  • 2016 Lincoln Town Car

    2016 Lincoln Town Car

    The Lincoln Town Car is a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Ford’s luxury division Lincoln. It was originally introduced in 1981 and it was produced until 2011. During this period, we have seen three generations of this sedan, which was also available in stretched limousine. The stretched variant was the most commonly used limousine and […]

  • 2016 Lincoln Continental

    2016 Lincoln Continental

    The 2016 Lincoln Continental is basically structured by Lincoln Continental although it was discontinued about 10 years ago. However, it is technically designed by Ford to mesmerize the North American car enthusiasts. Rumor has it, 2016 Lincoln Continental will be remodeled into its typical iconic style. 2016 Lincoln Continental interior On the interior of the […]

  • 2016 Ford Raptor

    2016 Ford Raptor

    The 2016 Ford Raptor is new generation car known for its new fuel efficiency and upgraded electric power trains .If you derive more fun while racing off-road than on road, 2016 Raptor is definitely in all aspects what you need. For those who ever wanted to go running through dirty, rocky and barren deserts at […]

  • 2016 Lincoln MKX

    2016 Lincoln MKX

    This mid-size crossover was originally launched in 2006 as 2007 year model. After nine years of production, first-generation model is finally going to be replaced. The 2016 Lincoln MKX comes as second-generation model and it will be completely redesigned. New model has been presented recently on the International Auto Show in Detroit and it presents […]

  • 2016 Ford C max

    2016 Ford C max

    The Ford C max is a compact multi-purpose vehicle, which was originally introduced in 2003. It is a part of company’s MPV line-up and it is the second-smallest model, after B max. It is designed primarily for the European market, but it is also available in North America, but only in hybrid variants. Second generation […]

  • 2016 Lincoln MKS

    2016 Lincoln MKS

    Another second generation Lincoln MKS car is coming in 2016. Vehicle wasn’t unveiled yet, but carmakers provided some information about new sedan.  This vehicle is very important for the company, which wants to get back on market tracks in US. However, there is a tough way to it, but with 2016 Lincoln MKS it is […]

  • 2016 Lincoln Navigator

    2016 Lincoln Navigator

    Ever since its launch, the Lincoln Navigator has had a lot of success making it one of the most fancied vehicles by the top cream of the society. However the current edition which was launched back in 2007 has not lived up to the standards of its predecessor. This can be mostly attributed to increased […]

  • 2016 Ford F-250

    2016 Ford F-250

    Originally launched in 1999 as 2000 year model, this truck is the first step into the Ford’s world of working machines. It is considered as an entry level model of the company’s Super Duty line of trucks, which is consisted of models from this one to F-750. Compared to “standard” F-150, this model is characterized […]

  • 2016 Ford Focus

    2016 Ford Focus

    This car is presents Ford’s vision of how compact car should like. It is one of the most popular cars in this class and definitely one of the company’s most important models. It was originally launched in 1998 and it came as replacement for Escort. Current model is in its third generation, which is present […]

  • 2016 Ford F-350

    2016 Ford F-350

    This model belongs to the company’s line of Super Duty trucks, which includes models from F-250 to F-750. These trucks are designed mainly for towing and other hard jobs that F-150 isn’t able to do. This model originally came in 1999 and so far, we have seen three generations of it. However, it is expected […]