2018 Lincoln Town Car

There are many reports that indicate this legendary nameplate could come back. You probably know that this name was used for flagship models of Lincoln for more than three decades. During all these years, we have seen three generations of it. Original model came in 1981, while second generation came in 1989. Finally, last version of this flagship sedan came in 1998 and it was in production for more than 13 years, until 2011. Mainly because of declining sales, company decided to retrieve this nameplate. However, latest reports suggest that this model could come already next year, with plenty of new design solutions. After six years of brake, new model could come already as 2018 Lincoln Town Car.

2018 Lincoln Town Car redesign

2018 Lincoln Town Car front viewBefore any details about 2018 Lincoln Town Car, we must say that all these news about this legendary car are nothing more than rumor, so you should take all this with reserve. According to these reports, company prepares a new flagship model, which will carry legendary nameplate. New model will come with plenty of latest design solutions, but it will also feature many details influenced by some previous model. It will be a full-size luxury sedan, largest in Lincoln’s lineup. The 2018 Town Car will come in latest design of the brand, and we expect to see overall shape similar to previous generation. Inside, we expect to see completely new cabin design, which will feature plenty of latest technologies. New interior will feature premium look, with use of highest quality materials. Also, expect more space inside, which will provide even higher level of comfort.

2018 Lincoln Town Car side view2018 Lincoln Town Car engine

At this moment, there are two engines that could find its place under the hood of 2018 Lincoln Town Car. Both are advanced EcoBoost units. First one is 3.5 liter engine, while the other option is 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine. Both units feature six cylinders and both are extremely efficient. Although it is still early to talk about exact numbers, we expect max output between 350 and 400 horsepower. No matter which engine 2018 Town Car will use, it should come in pair with new 9-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Lincoln Town Car side view2018 Lincoln Town Car release date and price

Although these reports are nothing more than rumors, many believe that 2018 Lincoln Town Car could come by the end of year. When it comes to price, experts suggest sum of 45.000 dollars.

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