2018 Lincoln Navigator

All of us are just excited about 2018 Lincoln Navigator and we can’t wait to see it finally. Company prepares a next generation of this amazing full-size luxury SUV, which is present for almost 20 years. During these two decades, we have seen three generations of it, and Navigator had always been one of those models that set new standards in car industry. This especially refers to the aspects like comfort, advanced technologies, convenience and overall driving experience. We are pretty sure that next generation will continue in the same way. As you probably know, Ford already presented a concept of this new luxury SUV, which came with some interesting design solutions, and hope that many of them will be find its way to 2018 Lincoln Navigator production model.

2018 Lincoln Navigator redesign

2018 Lincoln Navigator front viewThe 2018 Lincoln Navigator will be a completely new model. Fourth generation of this luxury SUV will come with plenty of new design solutions. As we already mentioned, a concept car came last year with some serious avant-garde design solutions, such as gullwing doors. However, we doubt that this feature will go for a serial production model. Many of these interesting solutions won’t be in 2018 Lincoln Navigator, due to production costs and practicality, but many also will. So, we will see a SUV with extremely stylish appearance, both when it comes to exterior and interior. New model should feature the same design language as concept, with similar front end and other parts of the vehicle. Inside, we will see a spacious cabin, which will feature a plenty of space, premium materials and a whole bunch of advanced technologies.

2018 Lincoln Navigator interior2018 Lincoln Navigator engine

When it comes to powertrain, 2018 Lincoln Navigator will rely on proven V6 unit. It is a 3.5 liter engine, which will undergo some serious modifications of this occasion. So, with these changes, new engine will be much more efficient and some predictions are that new model will have more than 400 horsepower. Besides model power, new engine should provide better fuel economy too. Also, we will see a new transmission. It is a new 10-speed automatic transmission, same that you can find in new F-150 Raptor. In combination with updated engine, new transmission will make a huge impact on overall driving characteristics and provide even better economy.

2018 Lincoln Navigator rear view2018 Lincoln Navigator release date

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator should come somewhere in the second half of year.

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