2018 Ford Taurus

These days we have two models from this American manufacturer that share familiar nameplate, and it is still unknown will it be the case with 2018 Ford Taurus too. As you surely know, there is a well-known model designed for American market, which is present for more than three decades. It is a full-size car that rides on large D3 platform. Also, there is a model for Chinese market, which company released last year. Unlike American model, this one is smaller and shares many of its characteristics with Fusion. It is a mid-size sedan that is available only in China, but company want to export it to some other markets too. So, for the 2018 Taurus, U.S. version will either come completely new or end its production, while Chinese model should continue in same way.

2018 Ford Taurus redesign

2018 Ford Taurus ChinaAs we already mentioned, current model of North American version is in sixth generation. It is present for more than three decades, while current generation is active since 2010. Company already announced that 2017 year model will be the last one of current generation. However, it is still unclear will 2018 Ford Taurus be an eight-generation model, or this full-size sedan will became history. On the other side, there is a Chinese-market Taurus, which had its premiere about two years ago. It is a completely new model, which company sells exclusively in China, although there are plans for entering some other Asian markets. When it is about design characteristics, this model has many in common with Fusion. It is also a mid-size sedan, which feature a little bit longer wheelbase. It completely follows brand’s newest design language and feature the same base shape as Fusion.

2018 Ford Taurus USA2018 Ford Taurus engines

This Chinese-market model comes with two engines in offer, at this point, although there are some plans for additional powertrain for 2018 Ford Taurus. Base model uses a 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine, which has max output of 240 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. Optional engine is 2.7 liter EcoBoost unit, which comes with significantly more power, around 325 hp. When it comes to North American model, it features three V6 engines. However, just one of them features new EcoBoost economy, while other two are pretty much outdated in all aspects. This EcoBoost engine has displacement of 3.5 liters and max power 365 horses. It comes in pair with automatic transmission as only choice.

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