2018 Ford GT

The 2018 Ford GT is going to be another super car built for fans looking for speed and acceleration. These kinds of vehicles are always up-to-date with modern technologies, usually presenting many innovations. Such situation should be with new GT which is coming according to various reports. Now even more aggressive and modern, it will cause attention of exotic car lovers. Some of the Ford models have their GT variant but 2018 Ford GT should be pure sport car. Price will be formed as we are getting closer to its arrival. Premiere is going to happen at one of the largest car shows, while date is not scheduled yet. We assume car comes not before 2018.

2018 ford gt side view

2018 Ford GT redesign

Not only attractive, but 2018 Ford GT is going to offer comfort to all their users. Be sure that super car is going to take all the best parts from all models in entire Ford family, upgrade and update them and then use. According to the reports, a lot of attention is paid to exterior, especially aerodynamic parts. Vehicle is designed to ease the flow of air. In addition with suitable components on braking and handling, new Ford GT could perform incredibly better than before. With inspiration from F1 vehicles, designers are going to make aggressive windshield, which reminds on jet-fighters from inside. Cockpit should come packed with many modern gadgets, modern instrument panel, with lightning and other visual effects. Whoever has eye for details is going to be surprised with elegance from sport vehicle, which could bring radical changes in this industry.

2018 ford gt interior

2018 Ford GT engine

Not only aggressive design, but also powerful engines are main things when you talk about exotic cars. Since 2018 Ford GT is among them, expect big outputs and performance. It was reported that company is going to tune their 3.5-l V6 EcoBoost powerplant for this model, and final goal is 600 hp. With some additional equipment, standard and usual for these cars, it could be fulfilled.

2018 ford gt rear view

Especially it is possible if Ford decides to use some racing parts. Special transmission is prepared for new GT, and it should be seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle box.

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