2018 Ford Fiesta ST

Tuned models of the Ford vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Ultimate Focus RS caused a lot of attention in US, which was a clear sign for the company that other models’ popularity could be boosted with slight improvements on the car. That’s why we are getting brand new 2018 Ford Fiesta ST. Last model fulfilled expectation, so now we have even better vehicle. With it, one of the most popular cars among buyers, but not so in its company could make its way to the top. First of all, design is different from regular model, with many clever additions all over the body. Nevertheless, 2018 Fiesta ST is getting engine modifications, so all performance-lover will be satisfied and even surprised with the stuff Fiesta ST can do.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST

2018 Ford Fiesta ST drivetrain

Power for the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST is coming from the 1.6-l EcoBoost 4-cylinder drivetrain. Same engine is prepared for all markets, but EU buyers can purchase Mountune tuning kit, which is there to offer more power. There output is around 210 hp. This is major improvement which makes Fiesta one step closer to its main competitor. Just for the record, Polo R from VW and Audi S1 will produce about 20 hp more. Nevertheless, car is using manual gearbox, probably with five gears. Front-wheel drive is far more likely than all-wheel system. Fiesta’s configuration is not quite capable to support these kind of drive, so only if major modification happen, we could see 2018 Ford Fiesta ST as AWD car.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST side view

2018 Ford Fiesta ST competition and price

Subcompact hatchback vehicles are getting more and more buyers in the US. European market is tough, with many EU built cars taking control of the market. So, there are Mini Cooper S and Fiat 500 among others, and in top tier Audi S1 and VW Polo R, having advantage over this vehicle. Some of these models also have AWD installed, and many more features. Nevertheless, current platform could make 2018 Ford Fiesta ST better and more powerful, and closer to its rivals. Starting price of $20,000 – 25.000 is just perfect for these goals. This car is not expected before 2017.

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