2017 Lincoln Mark LT

Pickup vehicles from Lincoln are growing in recent years. Its sales numbers and popularity are higher every year, and one of the important reasons are constant innovations and follow of the modern trends in car industry. Luxury model, Mark LT was recognized by truck lovers as very quality, reliable, and with excellent performance it makes superb choice. In ten years of production, this truck was developed in one of the leaders, and now we get brand new 2017 Lincoln Mark LT.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT

2017 Lincoln Mark LT history

This truck was delivered from F150 pickup from Ford company. However, there were two unsuccessful tries from Lincoln to reach this market during 2002, and with appearance of Mark LT, growing of this class started. It was in 2005, when this truck borrowed platform from F150, but added some stylish details outside the vehicle and redesigned cabin to make it more luxurious. Also, as its predecessors which made it famous, 2017 Lincoln Mark LT will offer all-wheel drive. One of the reasons of failure of Lincoln Blackwood truck was rear-wheel drive, so new pickup didn’t make same mistake by offering multiple choices.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT interior

2017 Lincoln Mark LT engine and competition

Powerful V8 beast is installed in 2017 Lincoln Mark LT. With displacement of 5.4-l, this powertrain can produce over 300 hp and 370 pound-feet of torque. Power is distributed through automated gearbox, to either rear wheels, or it uses all-wheel drive. These numbers are good for its rivals. Among other luxury trucks, main rivals are going to be Toyota Tundra and Dodge Ram.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT rear view

2017 Lincoln Mark LT features

Luxurious truck comes packed with adequately equipment. However, 2017 Lincoln Mark LT is still practical and all its features are very functional. Cabin is spacious, with enough room for legs. Bed length is 5.5 or 6.5 feet long. As we already said, main difference between F-150 and Mark LT is cabin and its features. New Lincoln luxury pickup comes with wood trim and leather upholstered seats, which are also heated. Audio system is superb, with MP3 player. Also, navigation is standard, while steering wheel is covered by leather. This material, as well as wood is used all over dashboard.

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