2017 Ford F350

Although 2016 year lineup is not presented yet, Ford is working on super duty trucks for following season. One of the most favorite models has been seen on streets. It was testing and spy photographers were lucky enough to catch teaser images of the 2017 Ford F350. However, we don’t know too much about specifications, exterior was covered with heavy camo, but we had luck to peak into the cabin of the new F350.

2017 Ford F350 front view

2017 Ford F350 interior

Cabin of the F-series trucks was always different from other models and cars under Ford’s family. This time, we have a chance to look inside upcoming vehicle thanks to few photos. As always, dashboard is designed completely different from other trucks. This super duty truck appears more attractive and innovative, than, let’s say, new 2015 F150. However, there is a plenty of time between these two vehicles, so big styling overhauls are possible. More space between front and rear seats could be noticed, and also new upholstery is ready to be placed in the cabin. Instrument panel is refreshed with new layout, but all previous users will quickly get use to new buttons.

2017 Ford F350 exterior

Outside it was hard to see anything, since the 2017 Ford F350 was almost completely covered. However, we saw few details on it. Looks like new super duty truck is going to be bigger than current model, which means it will be capable to tow more. One thing is sure, more aluminum is going to be used for 2017 F350. It will make this vehicle easier. Also, new truck is expecting big overhaul, so all fans should be prepared for a lot of innovations and news. Truck area is also increased, while new super duty truck gets new bumper and grille. Lights were completely covered, while testing vehicle has been using plain wheels.

2017 Ford F350 rear view

2017 Ford F350 release date

Not many more information about 2017 Ford F350 is available. There are rumors telling that truck is coming in mid-2016 as 2017 year vehicle, which could be true. However, Ford could delay its premiere and prepare more heavy duty trucks for upcoming years.


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