2017 Ford Ecosport

The tiniest exemplar of Ford crossover segment is Ecosport vehicle, and it should appear again as 2017 year model. Company is preparing a lot of new features, so all fans and these who are not, could b surprised with new SUV. One of the things which are not confirmed and that could happen, is that 2017 Ford Ecosport come under different name. These stories are probably came from restriction of forbidden “Eco” prefix for names in North America. Crossover could be called just Sport, but there is no any confirmation or denial from Ford. Vehicle is still being developed, so many changes are possible which will be revealed closer to launching date.

2017 Ford Ecosport

2017 Ford EcoSport platform

There will be many changes made on 2017 Ford Ecosport, but company didn’t come out with official statement, so most of the stories are still rumors. One of these is that compact crossover is going to use new platform. So far, Ecosport and Fiesta shared same concept, but new version is prepared for SUV. That also means that features list will be different, and most similarities are going to be wiped. Ford Edge is made on new concept recently, so that platform could be used for Ecosport. If that happens, three-bar grille with hexagonal grille is certain, as well as new lights with colored bumpers. Edgy end gives more aggressive look.

2017 Ford Ecosport side view

2017 Ford Ecosport performance

New platform should boost performance of the 2017 Ford Ecosport. Although concept uses more lightweight materials, making crossover less heavy, outputs are not hit by that. But, there is logical improvement in mileage, since Ecosport is getting a boost for couple of miles per gallon. Under the hood lays 1.0-l three-cylinder engine in EU models, while US market will host SUV with 2.0-l four-cylinder unit. Vehicle for North America offers over 200 hp and probably around 250 lb-ft of torque, which makes 2017 Ecosport off-road skills superb.

2017 Ford Ecosport rear view

Another important thing for this is higher ground clearance and new 9-speed automated transmission box, instead of 5-speed box used by current SUV. Front-wheel drive is standard, while it is hard to imagine 2017 Ford Ecosport without four-wheel drive mode, at least as an option.

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