2016 Ford Raptor

The 2016 Ford Raptor is new generation car known for its new fuel efficiency and upgraded electric power trains .If you derive more fun while racing off-road than on road, 2016 Raptor is definitely in all aspects what you need. For those who ever wanted to go running through dirty, rocky and barren deserts at absurdly high speeds, at the same time maintaining some road legality semblance, this ford in without doubt the answer.

2016 Ford Raptor front view

2016 Ford Rapor redesign

The high strength, military grade aluminum constructed 2016 Ford Raptor is 500 pounds lighter than its predecessor making it more capable in off roads. This is achieved through by putting a steel frame underneath the aluminum body. The new Ford Raptor is six inches wider. It has raised bumpers front and a rear with headlights featuring LED bulbs. The 2016 Raptor boast of a 17 –inch wheels with BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 tires and a dual exhaust specifically designed for improved off road performance.

2016 Ford Raptor side view

2016 Ford Raptor engine

The 2016 Ford Raptor has 5.0 liter V8 engine able to generate speeds of up to 411 horsepower. Paired with a new 10 speed automatic transmission together with other parts, it rides on an upgraded fox suspension with larger diameter shocks, the ford will offer even more travel. The engine is six inches wider than the standard model for improved stability. The beefier fox racing shocks help in stopping any cracking under the most extreme pressure that the truck may go through. The engine performance is 365 horse power with 420 lb feet of torque. It has improved acceleration and braking. The back bone of the truck is a strong purpose built frame featuring more strengthened steel making the 2016 Ford Raptor stronger than its predecessor.

2016 Ford Raptor interior

Added are unique seats all made from leather, an upgraded overhead console, suede and leather wrapped steering wheel and a large digital display. The 2016 Raptor comes with advanced LED lighting, camera technology to improve visibility during the day and during the night. To help you drive fast across vast expanses of deserts, the new 2016 Raptor comes with a Torsen differential up front, a new transfer case and the best feature being a Baja mode preprogrammed computer. A new computerized terrain management system optimizes the upgraded traction control modes and the transfer case offering optimal performance regardless on the conditions. It also features calibration changes to its driveline, power line, ABS, traction control and AdvanceTrac stability control ensuring optimal performance.

Six preset modes depending on the driving conditions and the terrain

  1. Weather mode for snow rain and ice
  2. Everyday normal mode

III. Baja mode for high speed desert running

  1. Rock mode for low speed crawling of rocks
  2. Street mode for higher performance while driving on road
  3. Sand and mud mode for sandy and muddy trails and terrain

2016 Ford Raptor rear view

2016 Ford Raptor price and release date

The 2016 Ford Raptor will be released on early 2015. Its price has not been officially communicated but it’s expected to be higher than that of the previous model which was $ 46 000.

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