2016 Ford Police Interceptor

The 2016 Ford Police Interceptor was presented at recently closed Chicago car show. This is the best selling law enforcement vehicle, and for upcoming year, Interceptor is going to be even better, with a lot of innovations applied on it. The Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Police Interceptor Sedan are two of the most equipped law enforcement vehicles, and for 2016 Ford’s designers made many improvements on Explorer-based police car.

2016 Ford Police Interceptor

2016 Ford Police Interceptor powertrain

As always, these vehicles are tuned to perform better from the cars they are chasing. That’s why 2016 Ford Police Interceptor must have good powertrain under its hood. For this model, engineers decided to go with 3.7-liter V6 with 305 hp and 279 lb-ft of torque. Also, 3.5-liter V6 is optional, and it can deliver 365 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. A 6-speed gearbox and Pursuit Mode are unique for this vehicle. Performance is tuned and all-wheel drive offers great low-speed traction. Also Handling and stability at high speed are superb. With all specification from the company, we are sure that Police Interceptor will meet all demands on any terrain and every condition.

2016 Ford Police Interceptor

2016 Ford Police Interceptor equipment

Except performance, these kinds of SUVs have to offer good features for chasing and aggressive driving. That is why 2016 Ford Police Interceptor has a lot unique parts and why is different from civilian version. Instrument panel is modified, so all equipment is easy to use. Of course, there are blind-spot monitoring and self-cleaning backup camera, then bullet-resistant front doors and cross-traffic alert among many other features. Center stack is equipped with 4-inch screen for all monitoring. Also, option is to see camera-view on the rearview mirror. Special system is Surveillance Mode. It is made to warn the driver on approach from the rear. After alarm was triggered, all windows and doors lock and shut.

2016 Ford Police Interceptor exterior

Outside, 2016 Ford Police Interceptor is not less attractive than regular, civil crossovers. It has steel A-pillar and new styling for front end. An 18-inch steel wheels have high venting characteristics. This should improve cooling the brakes.

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