2016 Ford Mustang

While 2015 year model of the legendary Mustang is still hot on market, engineers are planning new models. It is still unsure if they will make to redesign the car and release it as 2016 Ford Mustang. However, intention is there, and now it is up to market and Ford’s interest. Current model caught a lot of attention, as it was expected. It is hard to believe that next one can reach higher popularity that anniversary model, but with few updates and upgrades on user’s feedback, never say never. However, by the time we see 2016 Mustang, we will get many modifications of current model, including some Shelby options. New car has been spotted in street testing, so we are sure it is coming.

2016 ford mustang spy photos

2016 Ford Mustang engines

It is unclear what 2016 Ford Mustang could bring under its hood. Current model has new engines, so experts believe that same options could be carried over. On the other side, there are some rumors about developing new powertrains for 2016 model. Anniversary model wasn’t designed to get into the race with power. For that, there were GT models with stronger drivetrain and output over 500 hp. The 2016 Mustang could  bring that engines, especially is believed in 5.0-l V8 unit. With it, new Mustang could have over 500 hp, and significantly radical turn comparing to 50th anniversary model. It is harder to expect beast that could be found installed in GT500 model, delivering 660 hp. The 2016 year model of Mustang should be completely redesigned to handle this unit.

2016 ford mustang engine

2016 Ford Mustang release date and price

New Mustang is still in developing phase. We doubt it will appear during this year. It can happen late in 2015, but more likely during 2016. However, as the time passing, we can gather more information about its release. About price situation is same. It won’t be in Ford’s interest to raise the price comparing to 2015 Mustang, because it could provoke negative impact to 2016 Ford Mustang sales records. On the other side, many changes brings higher possibility of price revaluation, so Ford must find some balance between these two.

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