2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

Mustang 2015 caused large interest among all pony car lovers. Now, after situation was calmed a while, the 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S was announced. This is a vehicle made for racing. It is going to be a road car also. However, first part of 2016 will bring some news in lineup of sixth-generation Mustang, and it won’t be cheap vehicle. However, all track fans will be delighted to drive such car, so roughly $90.000 won’t be a problem for all of them who can afford it. Nevertheless, first appearance is expected at some racing series, probably NASA and SCCA, or in GTS class at Pirelli World Challenge.

2016 ford mustang boss 302S front view

2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S design

Since 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is going to be involved in car racing, it is modified for that purpose. First of all, overall look is made so vehicle looks like race car. It is gained with adjusting some parts of the car, including front splitter, hood, which is made of fiberglass now. Then, rear wing of carbon-fiber is added and styling is boosted with BBS racing wheels. For 2016 Boss 302S, more color options is expected, as well as some more features which should boost aerodynamics. From entire Mustang family, new Boss 302S is some kind of reminiscent of Shelby GT350R.

2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S interior

Race car interior is always pretty simple. Everything from original vehicle, except instrument panel and steering wheel can be removed. All other stuff is replaced, while car comes packed with a lot of safety features. Same is with 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S. Replacements are new six-point racing, HANS-enabled seats. A six-point roll cage is included and a quick release steering wheel. Safety and window nets are standard.

2016 ford mustang boss 302S

2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S engine

Without being confirmed yet, we assume that 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is going to be powered from 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 drivetrain. This engine has high-capacity aluminum radiator, and it is tuned for racing. Power goes through Tremec six-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels. Specification numbers are not out yet, but we believe these figures are near to main competitors of new Ford Mustang Boss 302S, Chevrolet Camaro SS and Porsche Cayman. Also, prices are not too different, since Boss should start its sales with $90.000 price tag on it.

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