2016 Ford Mondeo

The Mondeo is one of the favorite sedan from American carmaker. It’s been produced for almost the quarter of the century and 2016 Ford Mondeo should be part of the fourth generation vehicles. First car came out from factory in 1992, and ever since, it had good sales results. Back in 2012, Mondeo get large redesign, and since then, just slight modifications are made. However, 2016 Mondeo could bring news, but there is still plenty of time to go. Car has been spotted in street testing, and we had a peek in its interior and exterior was heavy camouflaged.

2016 Ford Mondeo front view

2016 Ford Mondeo interior

Thanks to sharp eye and quick reactions from spy photographers, we had a chance to see what is new inside the 2016 Ford Mondeo, at least in models that are being tested. Brand new, 9-speed gearbox knob has been spotted. Also, there is brand new upholstery and pretty decent details on it. Matte wood trims and special sewing points dominate interior of the tested Mondeo. We are still not sure, but it is certain that Blackberry’s QNX infotainment is going to be installed, but it is still early to talk about final picks since there is plenty of time for developing new Mondeo.

2016 Ford Mondeo interior

2016 Ford Mondeo exterior

As already told, outside 2016 Ford Mondeo was heavily covered, and there weren’t too many details to see. What was obvious is slightly modified grille, but everything seems almost the same as previous version of Mondeo. Even lights were covered, and only shown piece were tires. Same sized, 17-inch, wheels are again available, but just plain, without any detail.

2016 Ford Mondeo rear view

2016 Ford Mondeo engine

Since this is still fourth generation Mondeo, and it has been producing for 4 years, we expect new generation in next few years. Also, that means no big moves are going to be made on the powertrains, and so we expect same engine range. These were 2.0-l and 2.3-l EcoBoost drivetrains. Around 170 hp and 240 lb-ft should be output for 2016 Ford Mondeo. With slight modifications, we expect boost in acceleration, so new vehicle could reach 60 mph in 7 seconds, and also mileage. Fuel consumption rate is unknown yet, but at least 30 mpg combined should be close number.

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