2016 Ford GT

Ford is definitely one of the key players in auto industry. Last year, it even started to outsell General Motors, which is probably the first time in history. However, this company doesn’t have any supercar in its line-up. Many of us remember legendary Ford GT, which is considered as one of the most iconic cars in American auto industry. Ten years ago, company tried to reincarnate this model, but it was nothing more than representation of the classic car in modern clothes, so many of us were disappointed. Nowadays, there are plenty of rumors that Ford will finally introduce the car which will be able to compete with Corvette Z06 or even some exotic cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari and many of us expect that it will be new, probably 2016 Ford GT.

2016 ford gt front view

2016 Ford GT specs

It is expected that this car will be presented this January on Detroit Auto Show. According to information that we have, this car will be more spiritual successor of legendary model that just a copy, which was the case with last GT. The 2016 Ford GT probably won’t feature a full retro design, although it will be designed in “Le Mans” style. However, it will take elements like the headlamps, front/side intakes, intakes behind B pillar etc. It will be a mid-engined coupe and it will probably have short overhang and sharp angular nose, similar to GT350 Mustang’s. When it is about interior, 2016 Ford GT will combine modern and classical details. It will feature aviation-style switches and classic seat design, but it will also feature lots of aluminum and carbon-fiber trim. Hi-tech features such as large touchsreen and similar stuff are also expected.

2016 ford gt interior

2016 Ford GT engine

At this point, we can only rely in speculations and rumors. Latest predictions say that 2016 Ford GT will use the same engine as new GT350. It is 5.2 liter naturally-aspirated V8, which will deliver more than 500 horses. This is an all-new engine, which could be used both for street and racing. It won’t be surprise if Ford engineers decide to install one or even two turbochargers to increase the power. When it is about transmission, 2016 Ford will be offered with manual transmission as standard, but we also expect some paddle-shift automatic to be offered as optional.

2016 ford gt rear view

2016 Ford GT price and competitors

It is expected that 2016 Ford GT will cost somewhere around 125.000 dollars. Models that are seen as potential competitors are Corvette ZR1, Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8 and some lower 911 models.

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