2016 Ford Focus ST

The 2016 Ford Focus ST is a car that is expected to provide both elegance and high performance. This is because the car is expected to be endowed with modern features which make it elegant and a powerful engine which provides high performance. Some of the features that will be on 2016 Focus ST are borrowed from the previous models while other are newly introduced.

2016 Ford Focus ST front view

2016 Ford Focus ST redesign

There are some design adjustments that have been done on 2016 Ford Focus ST compared to the previous model. One of the features that will be on 2016 Focus ST include that it will have two center exit exhaust outlet with a shared stylized tip. It will also use 19 inch rims which will be sporty therefore giving the car a sporty look. On the front side of 2016 Ford Focus ST there will be wider opening which is meant to provide more air to the radiator and inter cooler. The grille of new Focus ST is also expected to be bigger so as to give it the intended elegant look. Furthermore, this car will be slightly longer than the 2015 model where it will be about three inches longer. It will be endowed with LED lights which are strategically placed to provide clear viewing while driving.

2016 Ford Focus ST interior

2016 Ford Focus ST interior

The 2016 Ford Focus ST is expected to be more comfortable and convenient to drive. The sterling wheel will have a number of control buttons which the driver can use while driving. The dashboard will be endowed with a large LCD touch screen which will be used to show various features of the car such as fuel level. On the entertainment aspect the touch LCD screen will be used to control the player which is endowed with ten speakers. Furthermore, there is a USB port on the dashboard and therefore the driver can connect various USB devices. The seats of this car will be more comfortable and the leg room will be much bigger to enhance comfort.

2016 Ford Focus ST engine

The 2016 Focus ST will be powered by a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine which will have a power of more than three hundred horse power. The torque of the engine is also expected to be higher than that of the previous models consequently giving this car more power. The engine is also anticipated to be a six speed manual to route power to either the front wheels or to all the four wheels. This powerful engine will have additional chassis and re-worked suspensions to support it.

2016 Ford Focus ST side view

2016 Ford Focus ST release date and price

The company is expected to release this 2016 Ford Focus ST during the early months of 2016 once all the tastings have been completely. The company has not yet announced the price but it is expected the car will be priced slightly higher than the 2015 model because of the additional features and changing economical trends.

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