2016 Ford Flex

From what we heard, there is no much time left before 2016 Ford Flex will be presented to public. This is not famous vehicle in Ford’s family but it gathered its own base of fans and enthusiasts. All of them will be surprised with 2016 year model. It will be refreshed, but Flex will keep its boxy look and three-row seat layout. New vehicle should be lighter than before, which leads to better mpg rate. New 2016 Flex won’t suffer big changes, and it keeps most of signature details of second generation of this model.

2016 ford flex front view

2016 Ford Flex redesign

Premiere of the 2016 Ford Flex is expected soon, probably in next few months. We know some details about it, while many other are still unknown. It is certain that Flex gets a grille with new dimensions, probably larger. Angular headlights and taillight are also refreshed. Flex keeps it classic look, but adds few more lines that will make it more attractive. Cabin’s layout it made for seven passengers placed in three rows of seats. There is enough space for legs and head, and even though, there is plenty cargo room at the back of the SUV. Infotainment system is about to be upgraded with latest features. It will probably get MyFord infotainment system, with all its equipment. Overall, styling is refreshed, which could bring more buyers. Among other features, we highlight fog lights and bigger wheels.

2016 ford flex interior

2016 Ford Flex engine

Two variants are announced for new Flex. First, base engine should be 3.5-l V6 unit, capable to deliver 287 hp and 254 lb-ft of torque. Other drivetrain is turbocharged 3.5-l V6 EcoBoost with direct injection. With this one under its hood, 2016 Ford Flex can produce up to 365 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. We assume that Ford will develop its 9-speed gearbox by the time 2016 Ford Flex officially comes out. If not, 6-speed automatic transmission is certain. There are some expectations about hybrid Flex in 2016, but these stories are unconfirmed. However, it is not impossible to develop these kind of vehicles, especially for Californian market.

2016 ford flex rear view

2016 Ford Flex price

Since there won’t be radical changes on 2016 Ford Flex comparing to current model, there shouldn’t be big gap in pricing. That means base models of the new Flex should have $30,000 price tag hanging from it. Higher end models with more equipment go up to $40,000, depending on installed packages.

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