2016 Ford Edge Sport

The 2016 Ford Edge Sport will be one of the trims available for the new crossover. Since regular vehicle wasn’t unveiled yet, we are still not sure when we will have a chance to see Sport model of 2016 Edge and how much it would cost. However, we have gathered some information about its features and engine options. This will be, of course, vehicle similar to the base crossover, but modified for all lovers of sport tuned vehicles.

2016 ford edge sport front view

2016 Ford Edge Sport engine

As we have heard from various sources, new 2016 Ford Edge Sport will be available with few possible powertrains. We assume that 3.5-l V6 will be main unit. This drivetrain is ready to deliver 285 horsepower and 253 pound-ft of torque, through a 6-speed auto gearbox, straight to all wheels. Previous version of Sport model of Ford Edge had 22 mpg rate combined. Also, it is possible for engineers to go with 2.0-l turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder, which offers 240 hp and 270 lb-feet of torque. However, neither of these have been confirmed, but we expect it to happen soon. For 2016 Edge Sport model, expect tuned performance for better steering, handling and braking.

2016 ford edge sport side view

2016 Ford Edge Sport safety

Not only performance is important for Sport edition of Edge. These cars usually have excellent safety systems, which is the case with new Edge. It is packed with antilock disc brakes, as one of the highlights. Also, there are full-size airbag curtain and blind-spot mirrors as standard feature. The 2016 Ford Edge Sport has all standard options from base trim. There are also few warning systems available for this crossover.

2016 ford edge sport interior

2016 Ford Edge Sport interior

Although sport models are usually performance tuned oriented, the 2016 Ford Edge Sport paid a lot of attention to comfort and visual styling. That’s why it is packed with some of the latest systems, such as MyFord touch and satellite radio with navigation, air-conditioning and many more. Everything is controlled from buttons placed on the touch screen display, and the MyFord feature offers voice commands. Steering wheel and gearbox knob are modified especially for sport model of 2016 Ford Edge crossover.

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