2016 Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria was originally launched in 1991. Although this full-size sedan was offered for civilian purpose too, it was mainly known as police patrol and pursuit car. The production of this sedan, which was the last full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger model produced model in North America ended in 2011. In last few years of production civilian model marked poor sales result, while US government required that electronic stability control be fitted on all new cars. Company did not add this feature, so these are two main reasons for discontinuation. However, many rumors circulate on the internet, so there is a possibility that legendary police car and New York yellow cab could be re-launched. New model could already come as 2016 Ford Crown Victoria.

2016 Ford Crown Victoria

2016 Ford Crown Victoria specs

If 2016 Ford Crown Victoria come, it will not have too many similarities with its predecessor expect, maybe, same purpose. Like its predecessor, it will be probably offered both for civilian and police use. New model will get new platform that will be probably the same that is used for new Taurus. Many other parts of the car will be borrowed from Taurus also. When it is about cars look, it will be adapted to the company’s new design language, but this car could have more unique features, compared to other Ford models, especially when it is about potential police variants. This model will come in several trims and we expect that longer wheelbase model will be offered too. Some performance version of 2016 Crown Victoria is also expected.

2016 Ford Crown Victoria engine

When it is about engine, 2016 Ford Crown Victoria will definitely be offered in several variants. It is expected that the company will rely on proven variants and that the base model will use well-known and proven 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost unit. This engine is very advanced and it also offers very good balance between power and fuel economy. Some performance version is also expected so there is a big chance that new 2016 Crown Victoria will come in V8 variant too. New model will ride on company’s new global platform, which is designed for front and four-wheel drive, so we won’t see this sedan in RWD configuration anymore. Power will be delivered through 6-speed automatic transmission.

2016 ford crown victoria front view

2016 Ford Crown Victoria release date and expected price

New model could come as 2016 Ford Victoria so late 2015 – early 2016 period sounds reasonable. The base model is expected to go around 30.000 – 35.000 dollars.

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