Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • 2017 Lincoln MKS

    2017 Lincoln MKS

    New MKS vehicle is eagerly expected from Lincoln. There were rumors telling this vehicle could arrive in 2016, but it seems to be more likely to appear with one year of delay. However, 2017 Lincoln MKS is going to use same platform as new Continental. Some rumors predicted that this lineup could be shut down […]

  • 2015 Ford Edge Sport

    2015 Ford Edge Sport

    New Ford Edge is already on the market, and according to first feedbacks, one trim is leading sale numbers. That is 2015 Ford Edge Sport. This crossover is available in few more trims, but Sport seems like to be more popular than even top of the class, Titanium model of Edge. However, entire lineup is […]

  • 2016 Lincoln MKC

    2016 Lincoln MKC

    Lincoln is known for their luxurious vehicles and the company have never spared on quality materials. Any of their new vehicles are eagerly expected by enthusiasts, so same situation will be with 2016 Lincoln MKC. Since it was announced, everyone is sure that will bring something new and exciting. Crossover was launched in 2014, and […]

  • 2016 Ford Mondeo

    2016 Ford Mondeo

    The Mondeo is one of the favorite sedan from American carmaker. It’s been produced for almost the quarter of the century and 2016 Ford Mondeo should be part of the fourth generation vehicles. First car came out from factory in 1992, and ever since, it had good sales results. Back in 2012, Mondeo get large […]

  • 2015 Ford Evos

    2015 Ford Evos

    The 2015 Ford Evos should be final version of the vehicle built on kinetic concept that Ford presented way back in 2005. It has been a decade since the premiere, and few cars implemented some parts of this platform. These were 2011 Fiesta and 2012 Focus, but what was planned with the kinetic concept, should […]

  • 2016 Ford F750

    2016 Ford F750

    Alongside with F650, F750 presents Ford’s line-up of medium duty commercial truck. These two trucks originally came in 2000 as a replacement for F600, F700 and F800 trucks. After fifteen year of production, we are finally going to see a second-generation model, which will come as 2016 Ford F750. New model was already presented at […]

  • 2016 Ford F650

    2016 Ford F650

    The F650 is a medium-duty commercial truck produced by a joint venture of Ford Motor Company and Navistar International. It was originally introduced in 2000 and it is designed mainly for tasks such as towing, heavy hauling and similar stuff. After 15 years if production, original model will be replaced finally. The second-generation model has been […]

  • 2016 Ford F450

    2016 Ford F450

    Ford F450 is a part of company’s Super Duty series of trucks. This line-up was established in 1998 in order to offer a group of “working machines” that are designed not only for heavy task, but also to be very easy to use. So far, we have seen three generations, but it seems that fourth-generation […]

  • 2016 Ford Transit

    2016 Ford Transit

    Original Transit was introduced 50 years ago. During this long period, we have seen five generations of this full-size van, which is available both as cargo and passengers van. Last year, Ford launched new Transit, which came with many novelties, but what is more important, it is the first Transit that is officially offered in […]

  • 2017 Ford F250

    2017 Ford F250

    Ford F250 belongs to the company’s line of Super Duty trucks, which was established in 1998. These trucks are larger than standard models. They have over 8.500 lbs, harder construction, more powerful engines etc. and F250 is the entry model. Current model is present from 2010 but it was refreshed last year. Despite this fact, […]