Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • 2015 Lincoln Mark LT

    2015 Lincoln Mark LT

    The 2015 Lincoln Mark LT is coming back after a short pause in its production. However, this vehicle is going to be launched only in Mexico, but styling and performance will met standard criteria as it was before it was left from Lincoln lineup. This is luxurious truck will be aggressive outside and modern and […]

  • 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

    2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

    Mustang 2015 caused large interest among all pony car lovers. Now, after situation was calmed a while, the 2016 Ford Mustang Boss 302S was announced. This is a vehicle made for racing. It is going to be a road car also. However, first part of 2016 will bring some news in lineup of sixth-generation Mustang, […]

  • 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R

    2016 Ford Mustang GT350R

    New version of Mustang is unveiled and it immediately burst emotions of all its fans. The 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R is ready to take over from 2015 Mustang. This is racing car with aggressive and attractive look, with plenty of new features, both styling and performance. New V8 engine is ready to deliver high numbers. […]

  • 2015 Ford Figo

    2015 Ford Figo

    India will be the first country to see brand new 2015 Ford Figo. Sedan is going to precede the hatchback version, which is about to be launched with few months of delay. However, new model will be different from its predecessors. It is expected from new Figo to be competitive and popular. This compact sedan, […]

  • 2016 Ford GT Le Mans 

    2016 Ford GT Le Mans 

    Debut of the 2017 lineup of GT from Ford was in 2015. However, its concept was shown at Detroit Car Show, but without any clue about launch date. After some while, few information have leaked, that it could happen in France. The 2016 Ford GT Le Mans is being prepared for official debut, indicating the […]

  • 2016 Ford Ecosport

    2016 Ford Ecosport

    Ever since its arrival, SUV market is not the same any more. The Ecosport model from Ford is relatively new vehicle, with a history of just few years, but these were pretty interesting. This vehicle mad a great combination of its design with performance, paying same amount of attention on all parts. This mini crossover […]

  • 2016 Ford S-Max

    2016 Ford S-Max

    The S-Max is a large multi-purpose vehicle, which was launched in 2006. After one major facelift in 2010, company plans to launch second-generation model. According to the latest information, this model will be available in North America too and it is planned to come as replacement for Galaxy model, which should be retired soon. The […]

  • 2016 Ford Edge Sport

    2016 Ford Edge Sport

    The 2016 Ford Edge Sport will be one of the trims available for the new crossover. Since regular vehicle wasn’t unveiled yet, we are still not sure when we will have a chance to see Sport model of 2016 Edge and how much it would cost. However, we have gathered some information about its features […]

  • 2016 Ford Galaxy

    2016 Ford Galaxy

    The 2016 Ford Galaxy is going to one large multi purpose vehicle, even bigger from C-Max model. However, Galaxy is bigger, both longer and higher. In 2016, Ford is going to launch another vehicle in the third generation of the car. This lineup hasn’t suffered big changes since it was launched in 2006. However, new […]

  • 2017 Ford F350

    2017 Ford F350

    Although 2016 year lineup is not presented yet, Ford is working on super duty trucks for following season. One of the most favorite models has been seen on streets. It was testing and spy photographers were lucky enough to catch teaser images of the 2017 Ford F350. However, we don’t know too much about specifications, […]