2015 Ford Ranger

Pick-up truck class from Ford has been one of the best selling segments of entire production. To stay on top, company needs to be present in all areas, with constant upgrades and redesigns of existing vehicles. However, peak for one of its vehicles, the Ranger, was behind it and Ford decided to cut the production of it in 2011. Now, four years after, pause is over, and we expect new truck as 2015 Ford Ranger. It is still unconfirmed, but many experts are sure that US company will surprise all fans of trucks with new model.

2015 Ford Ranger front view

2015 Ford Ranger redesign

Since our years is a long period of time, we expect 2015 Ford Ranger to arrive completely redesigned, with new styling, both interior and exterior. Also, mechanical updates are certain, so any enthusiast will be trilled to see new Ranger. Task for this vehicle is going to be far from easy since its main competitor is Toyota Hilux, vehicle that established it as a leader in this segment, and there is a lot of catching up before new Ford’s truck could be close to the Japanese model. However, from what we heard, 2015 Ranger will be safer, smoother and stronger. Design of the front should be stunning, according to some announces. Grille, bumper and bonnet, are all ready. Appearance is aggressive and attractive. Three-bar grille is inspired with Everest crossover, but also some solutions sre borrowed from successful F-series.

2015 Ford Ranger side view

2015 Ford Ranger engine

We still wait for official information about powertrains options for new Ranger. Since some parts are shared with Everest, we could make some connection ont he engine parts. Last model of Ranger had 2.2-l and 3.2-l turbodiesel units. Same engines are placed in current models of Everest, so, these engines could be modified for new 2015 Ford Ranger. However, some reports are telling about 2.5-l V6 unit, for great on-road and off-road capabilities. Expected power which could be delivered from this engine is 175 hp, and 250 lb-ft of torque. Among many tuning features, we are sure that new suspensions will bring most notable boost. With these, ride will be smoother and quieter.

2015 Ford Ranger rear view

2015 Ford Ranger release date and price

Main market for 2015 Ford Ranger will be Australia. However, since there are not much info about this vehicle, we are not sure when it could be launched. It could happen that premiere will be delayed for 2016. Even though there are many changes, do not expect large raise of the prices for new 2015 Ranger.

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