2015 Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo is a mid-size or large family car, which was originally launched in 1992. This name was always used for non-American markets, while U.S. model were name different. Original model shared its characteristics with Ford Contour, Mercury Mystique and from 2013, it is called Fusion. Although Fusion was launched two years ago, release of European version was delayed because of closure of assembly in Belgium. Production of new-generation model is moved to Spain and it finally comes as 2015 Ford Mondeo. New model comes with completely new design, which almost identical as American Fusion. These two models share pretty much same characteristics except 2015 Mondeo features some unique characteristics, such as different engine line-up, in order to meet demands of European drivers.

2015 ford mondeo front view

2015 Ford Mondeo specs

The fourth-generation model gets completely new design, which is pretty much identical to 2013 Fusion model. The 2015 Ford Mondeo completely features company’s new Kinetic design language and compared to previous model, it looks much attractive, although it is still a family car. New front fascia includes narrow headlights and beautiful trapezoid grille that has been also seen on new Focus or Fiesta. It also features much lighter body, which provides better handling and much improved fuel economy.

2015 ford mondeo interior

Beside attractive look, 2015 Ford Mondeo also features great interior. It might not be stylish and luxurious as German competitors, but it is full of hi-tech features, high-quality materials and comfort. One of car’s main trumps is space. This car has more legroom than probably all other cars in this segment, even enough to compete with higher-class models such as Mercedes Benz S-class.

2015 Ford Mondeo engine

Since European drivers are more economically-oriented, 2015 Mondeo comes both with diesel and petrol units. The most attractive is definitely a 1.6 liter  TDCi diesel engine, which makes around 78 mpg, according to company’s claims. On the other side, there is also a new 1.0 liter EcoBoost petrol engine. Although it has pretty small displacement, this engine is good enough for more than 120 horses, so beside great economy it is also quite powerful. However, the bigger one, 1.5 liter EcoBoost engine will probably be more popular because it is much more powerful and still has good economy. The 2015 Ford Mondeo is also available with 2.0 liter TDCi diesel and also in a hybrid variant.

2015 ford mondeo rear view

2015 Ford Mondeo price

The 2015 Ford Mondeo came in October. The price starts at 20.795 £ in United Kingdom.

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