2015 Ford Focus ST

Car makers all over the world are giving it all to come up with new competitive models. Ford through its endless innovations, it came up with the 2015 Ford Focus ST. This is a sporty model with a touch of a class. It made its debut in Goodwood Festival of speed and it mesmerized each and every Spectator. Focus ST has three models which are similar but differ in some ways. These trim levels are ST1, ST2 and ST3. The ST1 is the most basic and goes for about £22,195. The price applies for both petrol and diesel engines.

2015 Ford Focus ST front view

2015 Ford Focus ST features

The new 2015 Ford Focus ST offers driver assistance and convenience features. The SYNC 2 technology lets the driver to control navigation, audio, climate control and phones. This is done by using 8 inch color touch screen or using high definition or by shouting at the dashboard. This model can avoid head on collision. The system engineers a stop and auto start whenever it is been approached by another car in the same lane. It has adaptive front lighting which takes a look around corners as the driver turns the wheel. This gives the driver a view of what might be in the other side. Accidents often occur in blind ends where the drivers don’t see what is in front.

2015 Ford Focus ST interior

 2015 Ford Focus ST engine

When it comes to engine, there are two models depending on whether it will use diesel or petrol. For the one to use diesel, its model is 2 litre TDCI and the one for petrol is 2 litre Eco boost. The diesel engine gives 182 horse power and massive 400nm of torque while the petrol engine gives 247 horse powers. This is because it uses turbocharging technology. The diesel engine is different from the 148 horse power version because it gives 23 percent more power. It has advanced air intake an exhaust system. All models of 2015 Focus ST have a six speed manual gear transmission system. The gear changes have snappier feeling. This is because it features a short throw shift. Gears are able to change speed and acceleration the range depending on the preference of the driver.

2015 Ford Focus ST rear view

2015 Ford Focus ST trim level

The ST1 can be started without keys. This eliminates the stress of carrying bulky keys in pockets. They have a tyre pressure monitoring system. As if this is not enough it has eighteen inch ST alloy, a spoiler and a full body kit. In ST2 it has a heated windscreen. When it starts to rain, the wipers will be switched on by sensors. It has temperature control and partial leather recaro seats. In ST3 the touch is given a notch higher. It has rear parking sensors, bi xenon headlights, illuminated scuff plates advanced SYNC, privacy glass and so much more.

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