2015 Ford F650

For everyday jobs, you need trucks, not fancy cars. That’s why’s Ford paying a lot of attention to this segment. New trucks are coming, probably in March, and these are 2015 Ford F650 and F750. These are not made to look good, but to be functional. Power and comfort should be excellent, and according to announcements, they will be for new trucks from US producer’s plants. So far, plan is to present vehicles at NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis and to refresh complete lineup in next 18 months. However, first step is near and we will see if everything goes by plan.

2015 ford f650 front view

2015 Ford F650 engine

Since design doesn’t have the highest importance for trucks, 2015 Ford F650 should be powerful vehicle. Because of that, Ford decided to go in two variants of engine. New 2015 F650 could be purchased as diesel or petrol truck. First, there is 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel unit. This drivetrain is connected to TorqShift 6-speed automatic with power takeoff feature. Other, petrol engine is 6.8-liter V10. Same transmission is paired with this unit. Torque is one of the most important parts for performance of these kinds of trucks.

2015 ford f650 interior

2015 Ford F650 power

There are various options of 2015 Ford F650 and F750 trucks. However, diesel powered trucks are weaker than these powered from gasoline. A 6.7-l Cummins ISB can produce up to 200 hp, and around 520 lb-ft of torque, and it is not bad result. However, petrol unit, 6.8-l V10 offers more power with total up to 362 hp, while torque is lower than at diesel motor, 457 lb-ft. Also, these models could be upgraded to give better performance. So, you can boost your new Ford F650 truck up to 400 hp and over 700 lb-ft of torque.

2015 Ford F650

2015 Ford F650 release date and price

NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis should be the place where 2015 Ford F650 could be seen. It is about to happen in the beginning of the March. When it hits the dealerships MSRP will be around $56.000 for gas models. Diesel powered F650 is more expensive, being priced around $66.000 for intro level trucks.

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