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  • 2020 Ford Bronco

    2020 Ford Bronco

    Ford is planning big investments in future models, and one of these was announced. It is 2020 Ford Bronco which will start a new generation with brand new styling and engine. New transmission should be developed by then, and it is 10-speed box. Crossover is going to keep its traditional boxy styling. Many stuff couldn’t […]

  • 2018 Ford Fusion

    2018 Ford Fusion

    New Ford Fusion is coming as a part of mid-size luxury sedan class of this carmaker. Not only one version will be offered, but common thing is superb design with reliable and durable engines. One of the advantages of the new 2018 Ford Fusion could be hybrid engine which should pair electric motor to a […]

  • 2018 Ford Mondeo

    2018 Ford Mondeo

    The Ford company has two very similar models which are released for different markets. Buyers in the US are having a chance to purchase Fusion, mid-size sedan which has been on their markets for long time. On the other hand, European markets are offering Mondeo, vehicle from same class, with similar characteristics and design. Some […]

  • 2018 Lincoln MKZ

    2018 Lincoln MKZ

    The Lincoln Continental platform has been used for many other vehicles from this carmaker. Among others is new 2018 Lincoln MKZ, sedan which has most common features with famous car. Nevertheless, MKZ has unique parts and components, and it wasn’t officially confirmed yet, but this is start of the new generation for sedan. That means […]

  • 2017 Ford Ranger

    2017 Ford Ranger

    Work on the 2017 Ford Ranger is in final stages, so soon we can expect its premiere. First information are available, but there is room for more changes. This is modern truck, with attractive appearance, excellent performance and comfortable interior. Sleeker styling should bring more buyers, and that is main object for new pick-up from […]

  • 2017 Ford Mondeo

    2017 Ford Mondeo

    It has been a quarter of century since first model of Mondeo arrived. Now, in fifth generation, company is preparing refreshed vehicle. It is coming out as 2017 Ford Mondeo. It success is based on rear-wheel drive system, but recently it is also available as AWD. For new model, both modes will be available, and […]

  • 2017 Ford Flex

    2017 Ford Flex

    Interesting styling of the full-size crossover will be even more attractive. The 2017 Ford Flex gets a lot of new details, but its familiar look won’t be changed. With power boost, this SUV is going to be in advance comparing to other models in the class. Also, three-row cabin layout and great comfort will make […]

  • 2017 Lincoln Navigator

    2017 Lincoln Navigator

    In the class of luxury full-size SUVs, Lincoln Navigator is definitely one of the few key players on the market. It was originally launched in 1997 and so far, we have seen three generations of it. Although company did some big refreshment for 2015 year model, the next-generation model is already on its way and […]

  • 2017 Ford Taurus

    2017 Ford Taurus

    This car was originally introduced in 1986. So far, we have seen six generations of it. First four generations of this model were mid-size cars, while in 2008 this model became a full-size sedan. According to the latest information, it is expected that next-generation model will come very soon. The testing model was spotted several […]

  • 2016 Ford C max

    2016 Ford C max

    The Ford C max is a compact multi-purpose vehicle, which was originally introduced in 2003. It is a part of company’s MPV line-up and it is the second-smallest model, after B max. It is designed primarily for the European market, but it is also available in North America, but only in hybrid variants. Second generation […]