Ford Iosis X Concept

As one of the main divisions of the company, Ford Europe is pretty much totally independent in its work. This also includes development of new models, so it isn’t wonder that European Auto Show very often include some of the Ford’s concept cars. One of those cars is Iosis X. This name was used for the first time almost 10 years ago, when company presented a saloon concept car. After many years, company decided to use this name once again, although new concept doesn’t have similar characteristics at all. It is called Ford Iosis X Concept and it is a five-door crossover. For now, company doesn’t have intentions to go into serial production with this concept.

Ford Iosis X Concept front view

Ford Iosis X Concept specs

The Ford Iosis X Concept is a 5-door crossover, which was presented this year at the Paris Motor Show. It is a completely new model, with pretty much unique styling. It features company’s new Kinetic design language. According to the company’s spokesman, this crossover is not planned to go into serial production. It is created primarily to explore the possibilities of company’s new design language, which will be later used for various new models. Since company already has big lineup of crossovers, it doesn’t seem that Iosis X could be seen as a replacement for model like Edge, which is a bestseller, for example.

Ford iosis X Concept

There are plenty of features that could come with some of new models. The Ford Iosis X Concept shares wheelbase with new Ford Focus hatchback. One very interesting feature is a step which folds down before the doors open, which could be easily incorporated in some of upcoming SUVs and Crossovers. On the other side, there are features like glass floor that hardly can be considered as one of the possible features for future models. When it is about engine, there is nothing unusual about this crossover. It uses well-known 2.0 liter TDCi diesel engine which, beside excellent fuel economy, also comes with plenty of power, especially when it is about torque. This crossover comes as 4×4 and it can be considered as testing machine for company’s new AWD configuration system.

Ford iosis X Concept

Ford Iosis X Concept conclusion

This concept car could be considered as one big step forward when it is about mastering new technologies. Although it probably won’t come as production model, many of solutions will be used for some future models, especially when it is about crossovers.

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