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  • 2017 Lincoln MKZ

    Luxury sedan segment is one of the most attractive class recently. Competition in this area is hard, and companies are fighting for market with innovations and new models. That’s why Lincoln must respond to their rivals moves. Company is preparing 2017 Lincoln MKZ and this vehicle could hit the market very soon. Its concept was […]

  • 2017 Lincoln Town Car

    Full-size sedan from Lincoln is being prepared. This luxury brand decided four years ago to quit production of this kind of car, but it soon returned. Now, we are ready to see what 2017 Lincoln Town Car can offer. Leaked information say that platform could be shared with Ford Crown Victoria model. However, sedan is […]

  • 2016 Lincoln MK coupe

    The 2016 Lincoln MK coupe is going to be unusual in many ways. First of all, it has been a long time since this company offered this kind of vehicle with rear-wheel drive. Also, it is not common in industry that luxury coupe cars are powered from rear wheels. Last model from this company was […]

  • Lincoln Continental concept

    The Continental is a luxury sedan made by Ford’s luxury division Lincoln. It was produce until 2002, when it was replaced by several models like Town Car, LS or MKS. During its long history, we have seen nine generations of this luxury sedan. In last few year, rumors about Continental’s return appeared and after company’s […]

  • 2015 Lincoln Mark LT

    The 2015 Lincoln Mark LT is coming back after a short pause in its production. However, this vehicle is going to be launched only in Mexico, but styling and performance will met standard criteria as it was before it was left from Lincoln lineup. This is luxurious truck will be aggressive outside and modern and […]

  • 2017 Lincoln Continental

    Lincoln Continental is one of the most luxurious vehicles nowadays. There is no fan of the cars who could resist to its elegance, power and appearance. That’s why everyone is excited with news that the car comes back in 2017. There were rumors that MKS and this vehicle could be merged, but according to latest […]

  • 2017 Lincoln MKS

    New MKS vehicle is eagerly expected from Lincoln. There were rumors telling this vehicle could arrive in 2016, but it seems to be more likely to appear with one year of delay. However, 2017 Lincoln MKS is going to use same platform as new Continental. Some rumors predicted that this lineup could be shut down […]

  • 2016 Lincoln MKC

    Lincoln is known for their luxurious vehicles and the company have never spared on quality materials. Any of their new vehicles are eagerly expected by enthusiasts, so same situation will be with 2016 Lincoln MKC. Since it was announced, everyone is sure that will bring something new and exciting. Crossover was launched in 2014, and […]

  • 2016 Lincoln MKZ

    The MKZ is a mid –size luxury four-door sedan produced by Ford’s luxury division Lincoln. This car originally came in August 2005 and it was the company’s first model of new MK series. Later came models like MKX, MKS, MKT etc. First generation was produced until 2012 and it was replaced by redesigned MKZ which […]

  • 2016 Lincoln Town Car

    The Lincoln Town Car is a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Ford’s luxury division Lincoln. It was originally introduced in 1981 and it was produced until 2011. During this period, we have seen three generations of this sedan, which was also available in stretched limousine. The stretched variant was the most commonly used limousine and […]