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  • 2017 Ford Escape

    2017 Ford Escape

    The Escape is a compact crossover, which was originally launched in 2000. Original model came as results of joint development of Ford and Mazda. Same case was with second-generation model which came in 2007, so Escape and its relative Mazda Tribute once again shared most of the parts. Unlike first two models, third generation of […]

  • 2017 Lincoln Navigator

    2017 Lincoln Navigator

    In the class of luxury full-size SUVs, Lincoln Navigator is definitely one of the few key players on the market. It was originally launched in 1997 and so far, we have seen three generations of it. Although company did some big refreshment for 2015 year model, the next-generation model is already on its way and […]

  • 2017 Ford Taurus

    2017 Ford Taurus

    This car was originally introduced in 1986. So far, we have seen six generations of it. First four generations of this model were mid-size cars, while in 2008 this model became a full-size sedan. According to the latest information, it is expected that next-generation model will come very soon. The testing model was spotted several […]

  • 2017 Ford Explorer

    2017 Ford Explorer

    The Ford Explorer has been an excellent choice of vehicle for people on the go since 1990, with the SUVs ability to carry both cargo and passengers with ease and comfort making it one of the most popular sport utility vehicles on the market. Over the years, buyers have seen minor adjustments to the Explorer’s […]

  • 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

    2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

    Original Raptor came as 2010 year model. It was based on standard F-150 but it was modified especially for off-road racing. In order to improve trucks off-road capability, Ford made several modifications such as new suspension with wider travel, wider body and wings, restyled grille etc. This model was very well accepted so everyone expected […]

  • 2017 Ford Expedition

    2017 Ford Expedition

    The Expedition is a full-size SUV made by Ford Motor Company. It came in 1996 as a replacement for Bronco and nowadays, it is the largest SUV in company’s line-up. So far, we have seen three generations of it and if we consider that current model is present from 2007, its not surprise that it […]

  • 2017 Ford Focus

    2017 Ford Focus

    Among many other vehicles, changes are planned for Ford Focus in future. This model is headed to the new generation, which could start with 2017 Ford Focus. This vehicle is going to get complete redesign, and intention of the company is to present something new to the market. Would this big project meet interest of […]

  • 2017 Ford Mustang

    2017 Ford Mustang

    Ford is causing a lot of attention with its pony cars. Mustang established itself as one of the most popular vehicles, not only in its class. Current, 2015 year model proved it. It has been a while since it was launched, and fans are still discussing about it. Not only that, enthusiasts are already in […]

  • 2017 Ford Fusion

    2017 Ford Fusion

    This is a mid-size car, which was originally launched in 2005 in North America. After eight years of production, company decided to launch second generation, but this time on global market. After Focus and Fiesta, Ford Fusion became a third model that follows company’s Global-car strategy, which excludes local-based models. Second generation came completely redesigned […]

  • 2017 Ford Bronco

    2017 Ford Bronco

    We all remember this legendary SUV, which was produced from 1966 to 1996. During these 30 years, we have seen five generations of it. The last-generation Bronco was produced from 1992 to 1996, when it was replaced by Expedition, which is still on the run. Although this model wasn’t produced for almost 20 years, company […]