2020 Ford Bronco

Ford is planning big investments in future models, and one of these was announced. It is 2020 Ford Bronco which will start a new generation with brand new styling and engine. New transmission should be developed by then, and it is 10-speed box. Crossover is going to keep its traditional boxy styling. Many stuff couldn’t be predicted for so long time, but we have some announcements from Ford which could be useful and fulfilled. One of them is investment of $700 million for upcoming crossovers, with highlights and most funds pointed at Bronco. That means this car shouldn’t fail in any case.

2020 Ford Bronco front view

2020 Ford Bronco concept

New Bronco will be developed with new Ranger, which is planned for 2018. This vehicle could give us a peak to what we can expect from 2020 Ford Bronco. We still don’t know which platform is going to be used. There is possibility for Ford to make brand new concept for these two vehicles at first place, and then for some other SUVs. Only thing we have heard about is removable roof as a design tweak. New engines are certain, since plan is to keep new generation of Bronco for couple years.

2020 Ford Bronco engines

Upcoming Bronco will have both petrol and diesel engines. Same is expected with 2020 Ford Bronco. Petrol drivetrains are more powerful, with slightly higher fuel consumption. On the other hand, diesel option offers more torque and more economical distribution of fuel. Company will satisfy all kinds of buyers with this move. Nevertheless, hybrid vehicles are more popular these days, so we shouldn’t exclude electric battery installation in new crossover.

2020 Ford Bronco rear view

2020 Ford Bronco release date

While price is totally unpredictable, we are sure that company will first present concept of the new 2020 Ford Bronco. It could happen at any upcoming car show, but that doesn’t mean we will see same vehicle in production. However, official premiere of what we should see as 2020 Bronco will happen in 2019. Nevertheless, we will check situation and learn a lot when we see new 2018 Ranger.

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