2018 Ford Mondeo

The Ford company has two very similar models which are released for different markets. Buyers in the US are having a chance to purchase Fusion, mid-size sedan which has been on their markets for long time. On the other hand, European markets are offering Mondeo, vehicle from same class, with similar characteristics and design. Some of the differences are visible, some of them are under the hood. Company based in North America is preparing new model, and there is no doubt that customers in EU will be deprived of 2018 Ford Mondeo. We expect significant updates on both vehicles, with possible addition of new engines.

2018 ford mondeo

2018 Ford Mondeo drivetrains

Base models of the 2018 Ford Mondeo will come with 1.5-l engine under the hood. Same unit is used by current models and it is an option for upcoming Fusion. With it, Mondeo can make up to 150 hp. Stronger option could be 2.0-liter diesel engine, producing  200 hp. As Fusion, 2018 Mondeo is going to be made as hybrid variant, combining one of mentioned engines with electric motor. Comparing to 2018 Fusion, Mondeo is getting better fuel economy of its engines, due to market needs. Drivers in US are looking for power, which is provided from 2.7-l unit installed in Mondeo‚Äôs relative.

2018 ford mondeo side view

2018 Ford Mondeo redesign

Few changes are applied to current model, so 2018 Ford Mondeo comes refreshed. Grille is recognizable, and aggressive look is boosted by narrower position of headlights. Lower air intakes could boost aerodynamic. Lights from the back side of the car are revisited. In the cabin, designers updated current technologies and materials. There are no significant changes, additions and details added to 2018 Mondeo, except the new rotary dial instead of standard gear stick. One of the trims are going to be Mondeo Vignale, and this model is more packed than regular units.

2018 ford mondeo rear view

2018 Ford Mondeo price and competition

Since the main market of the 2018 Ford Mondeo is in UK, price is formed according the needs of local buyers. So, 20,000 pounds is reasonable price for start, which is around $28,000, price which is expected for the new Fusion. We still wait to see what main rivals are going to prepare as an answer to new Mondeo, especially Mazda and German carmakers.

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