2018 Ford Fiesta RS

After Focus, American carmaker is preparing another RS model of their compact vehicle. As a part of 12 tuned vehicles planned until 2020, soon we can get confirmation about release date for 2018 Ford Fiesta RS. According to unofficial information, this car should be out during 2017, but there are some more major things to be done and then it is time for final touches on this RS model. Since Fiesta is being very popular in North America, we are sure that this version will be interesting to all previous users and new buyers of Ford’s vehicle.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS front view

2018 Ford Fiesta RS engine

Power is going to be supplied from 1.6-l EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. With additional package including Mountune kit, output could be higher than predicted 230 hp, which is in par with its main competitors. Also, for all these enthusiasts who expected higher numbers, Ford somehow disappointed them by topping regular Fiesta for not too much. Manual transmission with six gears is transforming power to front wheels. It is not confirmed, but we suppose all-wheel drive is not an option for new Fiesta RS, mainly because of the development cost for new axle. On the other hand, if company decides to modify Focus RS’ twin-clutch rear axle, we could see Fiesta RS driven on the all wheels.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS interior

2018 Ford Fiesta RS platform

Subcompact cars are becoming more popular recently, especially in United States. That is why company is trying to overtake this market, by adding another vehicle to the dealerships. New RS platform brings many changes and not too much is known at this time. Comparing regular and tuned models of Focus, 2018 Ford Fiesta RS could be also wider than base vehicle. Also, new suspension and differential are being prepared, while better aerodynamic and lighter elements for body structure are also in the plans.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS competition

Compact class is now richer for new model. New 2018 Ford Fiesta RS will have to elbow its way while battling with Fiat 500 Abarth and Mini Cooper S for every buyer. VW Polo S and Audi S1 are leaders in the segment, and if Ford wants to spoil their plans, they will have to do something really exceptional with upcoming car.

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