2017 Ford Galaxy

Ford is a leader in the multi-purpose van (MPV) segment, and their most popular model is Galaxy. Upcoming vehicle will be redesigned, and most modifications are coming in safety area. Nevertheless, 2017 Ford Galaxy is going to get some luxurious features and stylish revisits. First purpose is to carry cargo and to take more passengers, so the new MPV is going to be improved there too. Nevertheless, it is not all about size, but also comfort and reliability, but these are exactly advantages of the Galaxy which took the vehicle where it is now.

2017 Ford Galaxy

2017 Ford Galaxy redesign

Interior layout is designed to take up to seven passengers. At first sight, younger drivers could be sceptical. There are some stylish features such as LED lights, which are self-adjustable, since these have detection of the oncoming vehicles.  But, as soon as they feel comfort and infotainment inside the vehicle, impression will be changed. Hi-tech features are modern and updated. There are equipment, such as massaging multi-contour font seats, or push button lowering of the third row seat, which can make your brows go up. New dashboard with 8-inch touch-screen display and stylish details are something new inside the 2017 Ford Galaxy. This MPV is going to be in range with luxurious models from German carmakers, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

2017 Ford Galaxy side view

2017 Ford Galaxy engine

Ford has prepared few options for new MPV and the base engine is going to be 1.5-l EcoBoost inline-four unit. This is one of the most economical drivetrain offering 31 mpg combined, and total power of 240 horses. Other option is same EcoBoost I-4 with displacement of 2.0-l. There will be also models getting power from the turbo-diesel unit. The 2.0-l powerplant can deliver from 120 to 210 hp, depending on options, while torque level goes up to 330 lb-ft for the 2017 Ford Galaxy.

2017 Ford Galaxy rear view

2017 Ford Galaxy price

We can count days before Ford announces exact date of arrival for 2017 Ford Galaxy. We are sure vehicle is going to be presented before the summer, while its starting price will go from $40,000. Some higher trim models will be closer to the $50,000 mark.

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