2017 Ford Fusion ST

Among many other ST version of other vehicles, there were not Fusion in this variant. But, all fans should be ready for good news, and although it wasn’t officially announced, car could come as 2017 Ford Fusion ST. That means development should be in final phases, and upgraded model will be tuned all over. Not only performance, but also appearance should be modified, and car will have the shape of regular model. Nevertheless, test vehicle has been spotted in the streets, and first details are unveiled. However, there is a lot of work ahead of engineers and designers before the launch, but we are sure that employers in Ford will finish all in time.

2017 Ford Fusion ST front view

2017 Ford Fusion ST redesign

Under heavy camouflage it is hard to see many things on new 2017 Ford Fusion ST. However, we can guess and predict according to what we have seen. Comparing to regular Fusion, truck mounted spoiler is installed, while exhausting system is boosted with 4 sporty pipes on the back. This sedan has 4 doors and 5-spoke wheels, probably 19-inch alloy. Some other features are very similar or the same as for regular model, while 2017 Fusion ST has ST badge on the middle of a honeycomb grille.

2017 Ford Fusion ST interior

Other parts were covered too much, but we can guess that LED lights lay under camouflage. Interior is still a mystery, but similarities between tuned and base model are most notable in the cabin. New, sport seats are possible on ST vehicle, but this is unconfirmed information.

2017 Ford Fusion ST drivetrain

Standard models of current Fusion are powered from three drivetrains. There are 2.5-l I-4, 1.5-l and 2.0-l turbocharged powerplants. However, ST model needs something more powerful, and that’s why Ford is installing 2.3-l EcoBoost unit in this tuned vehicle.

2017 Ford Fusion ST side view

Other option is also EcoBoost with 2.7-l displacement. Both engines are ready to deliver over 300 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque, with 2.3-l unit could go up to 400 horses. Also, six-speed transmission is mated to both powertrains, and all-wheel drive is used by 2017 Ford Fusion ST. With these performance numbers, this car could be out of competition, since mid-size sedans Mazda 6, Honda Accord or Malibu from Chevy are not competitive.

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