2017 Ford F-series

New generations of Ford’s trucks will carry the F mark. Starting from 2017 Ford F-series, pick-up vehicles will step into new era. According to first spy shots, we are sure that this utility vehicles get the sporty touch. Some information shared in publicity are telling that cabin is redesigned and could make huge impact on the market as soon as they arrive to dealerships.

2017 Ford F-series front view

2017 Ford F-series performance

It seems like new generation of F-series trucks will be powered from 6.7-l V8 diesel engines. These Power Stroke units are the most certain, although info is not confirmed yet. We suppose that 2017 Ford F-series will be ready to deliver near 450 hp and incredible amount of torque. Some rumors are going up to 850 pound-feet. Nevertheless, another engine is in the mix, with 6.2-l V8 as alternative for diesel unit. This petrol drivetrain can produce significantly less power, around 385 hp and torque of just over 400 lb-ft. Fuel efficiency should be also boosted, but numbers are not known yet.

2017 Ford F-series side view

2017 Ford F-series competition

If many information are still being kept as a secret, we know that rivals are alerted and they prepare response to the new generation of 2017 Ford F-series. So, when first vehicles appear, expect Ram, Chevy and GMC to react fast with their 2500 and 3500 series trucks. Ford should be ready to deliver its pick-up by the end of 2016, but prices are unpredictable. We still don’t know which features and engines will be packed inside the F-series. However, tradition of one of the best-selling vehicles in US should be continued.

2017 Ford F-series

2017 Ford F-series redesign and trims

The 2017 Ford F-series will be available in the most existing trim levels and cab configurations. We are sure that King Ranch and Platinum models are coming packed with posh equipment and modern gadgets. Nevertheless, standard trucks are not waste of money too, with some stylish solutions. First of all, tailgate lip is renewed and extended, and rear window also coming revisited. There are LED lamps and eight-spoke wheels dominating the exterior.

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