2016 Lincoln MK coupe

The 2016 Lincoln MK coupe is going to be unusual in many ways. First of all, it has been a long time since this company offered this kind of vehicle with rear-wheel drive. Also, it is not common in industry that luxury coupe cars are powered from rear wheels. Last model from this company was Mark VIII, launched in 1992, whose production was left in 1998. Since then we haven’t seen Lincoln in this form.

2016 Lincoln MK coupe front view

2016 Lincoln MK coupe engine

Under the hood of this concept could be many drivetrains, but according to numerous rumors, the most likely is 3.5-l EcoBoost V6. There are some speculations telling that 2016 Lincoln MK coupe could come with V8, but it is less possible. First option is motivated with 2015 Navigator, and this unit should be ready to deliver around 400 hp. However, another EcoBoost engine is in the mix for new MK coupe. It is 305 hp-rated 2.3-l Four-cylinder powertrain, which is used by latest Mustang.  There is no official confirmation from company about details on the performance, so all we can do now is to speculate with available info and gossips.

2016 Lincoln MK coupe

2016 Lincoln MK coupe concept

It is kind a unbelievable, but Lincoln can use the platform of the latest Ford Mustang. It is very likely that 2016 Lincoln MK coupe will be built on that one. Other interesting fact about this concept is fear-wheel drive. As we said, there were no Lincoln produced with RWD in almost 20 years. Now, that demands new architecture and configuration, so any current design is not eligible to offer it to MK coupe. However, this car is still in development phase, and we are sure that designers are going to make the plan into reality.

2016 Lincoln MK coupe rear view

2016 Lincoln MK coupe premiere and competition

Presentation of the 2016 Lincoln MK coupe concept is expected at LA car show. There is no much of information about it, but we are sure it causes a lot of intrigue among fans. As it comes, although MK coupe shares platform with 2015 Mustang, it won’t stop it from competing Ford’s legendary vehicle. Also, German BMW will be a rival also with its new M4 model.

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