2016 Ford GT Le Mans 

Debut of the 2017 lineup of GT from Ford was in 2015. However, its concept was shown at Detroit Car Show, but without any clue about launch date. After some while, few information have leaked, that it could happen in France. The 2016 Ford GT Le Mans is being prepared for official debut, indicating the return of the supercar after ten years of absence. However, this is going to be the return of the vehicle which raised its fame al Le Mans races. The GT40 model achieved consecutive victories in mid-60’s, and since then popularity of these series was always high. Now, a tribute is going to be paid with 2016 GT Le Mans car.

2016 Ford GT le mans

2016 Ford GT Le Mans design

For Le Mans races, this vehicle will be modified a lot, especially its body will suffer. However, it won’t disrupt its fans from recognizing it, since 2016 Ford GT Le Mans will keep its familiar look. New apron on the front and canards on the side should improve aerodynamic. Also, downforce get some boost. Two fenders and wind tuned are highlighted and side of the car is refreshed with new mirrors. There are also new intakes, side skirts and light-weight wheels. The 2016 GT Le Mans model will be as close as possible to the ground. Inside, we will probably see few changes from what we’ve seen in Detroit. Racing car will have specially designed door panels, dashboard and many other features. Carbon-fiber sport seats, which could be seen on some other sport vehicles from Ford family, steering wheel and full roll cage will give more security and comfort to new GT Le Mans car.

2016 Ford GT le mans side view

2016 Ford GT Le Mans engine

From leaking information, we’ve heard that 2016 Ford GT Le Mans is coming with 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. This is a big disappointment, since it is the same powertrain used for road car. Nevertheless, bitter feeling exist among fans because of the good old V8, which is missed for this model. However, this is a twin-turbo  unit, which was tested in 2014, and it turns to have good results. We will see how it is going to perform in 2016 GT. Output of 500 hp is expected with huge amount of torque. Aerodynamics and downforce are improved, so new GT vehicle could easily slip under 3 seconds for sprint to 60 mph.

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