2015 Ford Raptor

We expect soon from Ford to launch its Raptor for 2015 year. New F150 is stealing the headlines and rumors recently, but we are sure that most fans and experts will be more surprised with new 2015 Ford Raptor, which is upgraded, high-performance version of F150. Both trucks are very popular in their segment, with Raptor having something special as addition. Customized parts are excellent for all kind of terrains. Off-road conditions are won’t be problematic for 2015 Raptor because of its wide tires and great suspension. With F150 for 2015 year already out at dealerships, we can expect Raptor to arrive soon.

2015 Ford Raptor

2015 Ford Raptor redesign

Back in 2009 first Raptor was launched. Since then, truck kept its look and so it will be for this one. Same platform will be used as for the last one. Most changes could come at front end, with new headlights, bumpers and modified grille. Aggressive look is obtained with taillights with new shape. Also, customized tires, which will be delivered from BFGoodrich, made for all terrains will deliver both attractiveness and safety, but also to comfort. Off-road drive won’t be so bumpy and there is no tough terrain that 2015 Ford Raptor won’t be able to pass. Truck burns a lot of gas, so mileage is not  bright side. However, slight improvements could be done in that part, with massive use of lightweight materials which should lead to weight drop and better fuel economy.

2015 Ford Raptor side view

2015 Ford Raptor engine

Old Raptors had big engine. However, 2015 year model gets downsized drivetrain, but not at power cost. It will get new twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 unit. It has direct fuel injection and outputs of around 310 hp. This information hasn’t been confirmed yet. That is mainly because of the new internals and aluminum blocks used to build them. Almost everything is modified or new on this powertrain – heads, fuel-delivery equipment… Fuel economy is not known yet. From 2015 Ford Raptor is expected to show brand new 10-speed gearbox developed by the company.

2015 Ford Raptor front view

2015 Ford Raptor price

Base price for 2015 Ford Raptor is around $46.000. However, some upcoming models, probably new SVT by the end of the year could cost significantly higher, up to $60.000.

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