2015 Ford GT

When we talk about sport cars, early years were dominated by Ferrari. And developing this segment from Ford has connections with Italian company. Ford was close to buy Scuderia, but it didn’t happened, so US carmaker decided to go with their own sport car class. And that’s how we now have GT vehicle. Usually, GT suffix is used for modifications and variations of the Ford’s vehicle, but there is separate line with this name. And, this year we will have 2015 Ford GT in showrooms.

2015 ford gt front view

2015 Ford GT design

Sport car is made in its classic look. At first sight, all fans will know that 2015 Ford GT is on sale. For building, Ford will use a lot of lightweight materials, such as aluminum. Well known design and modern materials should be winning combination for new GT. Highlights of the exterior look are huge round hips and sharp cuts near the lights. New wings give extra downforce. It is more aerodynamic, and with it, new GT should perform better.

2015 Ford GT interior

Cabin of the new GT is not made just to show off. It will be more functional. Comfort is boosted so driving 2015 Ford GT is extremely pleasant. This sport car has fixed driver seat, but steering wheel position is adjustable. Controls layout is simplified and pedals control is very vine. There is LCD display mounted on the dashboard, giving all info about the vehicle.

2015 Ford GT engine

The 2016 Ford Mustang GT350 is going to use 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. This engine is likely new unit for 2015 Ford GT. It will use two turbos, instead of one, as it usually did. It could happen that new Ford GT can deliver around 600 hp, but output is still unknown.

2015 frod gt rear view

2015 Ford GT price and competition

New 2015 Ford GT is expected to carry somewhere around $125,000 price tag. That is close valuation as its main competitors, Audi R8 and some of the Porsche 911 models. Other competitors to the new 2015 GT are Chevrolet Corvette Zora ZR1 and Lamborghini Huracan. Mutual to all mentioned vehicles is their maximum speed of over 200 mph, while cranking more than 600 hp.

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