2015 Ford FPV GT F

Since Ford Falcon production in Australia has been cut, market is thirsty for new models. Company based in US had to fill the space left by Falcon absence, and to react quick, not to be outpaced by other vehicles. That’s why they launched 2015 Ford FPV GT F, as a special, performance tuned model of Falcon’s successor. We will see if selling records could match the legendary car that was iconic in Australia. Complete process of design, building and developing was in Australia, with wide choice of trims and powertrains. However, 2015 will give us answer if new Ford FPV GT F can match Falcon’s popularity.

2015 ford fpv gt f

2015 Ford FPV GT F engine

As already said, the 2015 Ford FPV GT F is performance car, so something special must be under its hood. And it is. A 5.0-l supercharged V8 makes FPV GT F the most powerful unit in entire lineup. It is predicted to deliver 470 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. These numbers could be even more boosted, with Australian developers making it deliver 15% more power with some add-ons. Also, aerodynamic, suspension and exhaust system are also going to be improved for this model.

2015 ford fpv gt f engine

2015 Ford FPV GT F redesign

The 2015 Ford FPV GT F sedan is not overloaded with features. It is not kind of the vehicle that comes packed with latest technology, outside and inside. It is more functional, with more attention paid to performance. However, it is still good-looking car. Highlights of the exterior are grille, with stripe that goes across hood and roof, and the spoiler. These are making FPV GT F very aggressive and modern. Its design is raciest, but it is road vehicle. Inside, there are not too many updates from regular model. Ford decided to make more effort on improving the performance and they made it. Also, this company is known of not making too much features for higher trims. But one thing is worth of mentioning, since it is changed. Dashboard suffered modification comparing to previous and other models. Cabin is refreshed with it, but it is still not enough for all enthusiasts that were expected more.

2015 ford fpv gt f interior

2015 Ford FPV GT F price and competition

Only competition in Australia 2015 Ford FPV GT F will have in Holden Commodore. However, this other vehicle offers less power than FPV GT F, and it is major advantage. Pricing for this performance tuned vehicle starts from $61.000 or 78.000 Australian dollars.

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