2015 Ford F750

Ford is leading US company in truck segment. Growing power from its competitors made this producer to work harder to maintain their position. They started from mid-class of duty commercial work trucks, the F750. These are probably the best trucks which Ford could offer in the segment. The 2015 Ford F750 vehicle is tough vehicle, with great balance of commercial quality and capability. Both petrol and diesel option are available. Also, design is modern. Most parts are shared with smaller F650, but there are slight differences between these two.

2015 Ford F750 front view

2015 Ford F750 engine

Main drivetrain for 2015 Ford F750 is a diesel powered, 6.7-l Cummins. This ISB engine offers latest innovations in drivetrain business. Some of these are electronic controls and high-pressure fuel-injection system. Also, there are 24-valve design, patented VGT turbocharger and particulate filter. Power depends on additional equipment, but base models start from 220 hp and higher end trucks rises to 350 hp. Engines are mated to a 6-speed automated gearbox. This is one of the latest products of the Allison company, specialized for transmission.

2015 Ford F750

2015 Ford F750 redesign

Outside, 2015 Ford F750 is modern and big truck. It has grille and bumpers in color that buyers choose. Inside, a lot of equipment is packed. First we have manual air conditioning, which can heat and defrost. There are also demisters, assist handle on the interior side of A-, B- and C-pillars. Then, infotainment system is boosted with two auxiliary power points at overhead console. There is cruise control installed in the new 2015 F750. Also, color of the upholstery could be picked, and floor is fully covered. On the dashboard, better impression is set with gauge cluster with electric speedometer. There are many more features installed in the F750 as optional.

2015 Ford F750 front view

2015 Ford F750 safety

Nevertheless, these kind of trucks offers one of the best crash protections in the automotive industry, and so it is with 2015 Ford F750. Its safety is leaded with rectangular mirrors. Mud flaps comes standard on all F750 and F650 vehicles. Automated and heated drain valve and headlights with rectangular halogen sealed beam gives more reliability in this vehicle. Air bags are also standard.

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